What separates you from other design companies?

If you’ve ever dealt with a large firm, it can be stressful. Getting nickel & dimed for something as simple as rotating an image or sitting in a meeting when a firm wants to dazzle you with words are things we just don’t believe strengthen a business or brand. We wanted to make a company that simplifies the process and delivers you the best design for the best price. No frills, no fluff. Just simple person-to-person solutions that help your brand succeed.

What is the number 1 item I should spend my marketing dollars on?

First and foremost you need a logo. Something that is clean and easily read and understood that stays on the minds of potential clients. Your logo not only reveals your identity, it invites customers to get to know you. It distinguishes you from the competition and facilitates brand loyalty. It is the building block for everything you do as a company. Then, you can build from there.

Is graphic design worth the money?

100% Yes. If you want to save money, buy generic paper towels or keep the thermostat down or use regular unleaded gas instead of premium. Customers want consistency; they want assurance that your brand is the best. It is vital that your brand looks professional across all platforms. A good design can make or break a company. A good ad campaign can generate enough revenue to save a business that might otherwise sink.

What Services do you offer?

Logo Design

Logo design is the first step you will take to begin your quest to conquer the world. A logo is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition. Your logo not only reveals your identity, it invites customers to get to know you. It distinguishes you from the competition and facilitates brand loyalty.

Business Cards

A business card is the first impression of your brand and still (in the digital age), is the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. Cards are low cost and portable. You can take a 2″x3.5″ card anywhere and still have room for your phone and a granola bar. A card shows that you are a prepared professional. A card helps with brand recognition, makes your business easily referable to others, and is a staple for your business.

Postcards, Brochures & Flyers

A flyer is an informative paper document that is used to promote a company, organization, product or service. It’s been around forever and is another low cost form of advertising that allows you to easily reach your target audience. There are so many uses for a flyer; it can be handed out at trade shows, door to door, on a windshield – you name it! Brochures, post cards and rack cards are similarly important tools. Many sizes and styles are available in small quantities to entice customers for a specific promotion or event.


Print or digital ads can be created for whatever medium you choose. Ads appear in everything you see on a daily basis. They show up in your feed on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, as well as newspapers, magazines, tv and radio. There’s no escaping them, your best bet is a combination of print and digital to assure you reach as many potential clients as possible. You know what they say; if business is great, advertise. If business is slow, advertise. Stay on the minds of your customers by maintaining a presence in their daily lives.


An illustration tells a story with pictures. Whether you need an alternative to everyday stock photos or an illustration for your next children’s book, we employ a variety of digital and traditional illustration techniques to make your image come alive.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media is a term that is used to describe forms of online advertising that focus on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pintrest – among others. For each of these services, you will need a digital header, banner, icon, and ads in order to accurately amplify your message. We craft a consistent and professional look for any and all of your social media applications.

Unique Mailers

In this digital age, what is more refreshing that a piece of good ol’fashioned mail? Announce your next big event or business promotion with a customized invitation or mailer. We create custom postcards, specialty mail pieces, and offer mailing services that are able to target specific zip codes making sure your message is received by the right audience.

Invitations, Announcements & Stationary

This is a specialty of ours that many other companies do not offer. We create wedding invitations as well as engagement anouncements, save the date cards, reception cards, direction and map cards, ceremony programs, place cards, thank you cards, favor tags and wedding labels, and more. Basically, anything you need to have an awesome special event, we can design and produce for you, in time and on budget. A wedding or special event is stressful enough, why go it alone? By the way, we also create and print birthday, graduation, holiday, note cards, thank you cards and other occasion greetings.


Our sister store, Splott Graphics can produce any of your marketing and promotional needs. With a full-service, on-site design department, we specialize in a wide range of products. Splott Graphics is your go-to for signs, banners, stickers, vehicle graphics, monument signs, flyers, business cards, and more. Trusted for the highest quality and versatility with quick turnaround. See what we can do!

Fine Art Studio

Tucked inside Splott Graphics, Splott Studio is home to a fine art studio focusing on traditional media and studio techniques. Small group classes, workshops, Youth and adult private lessons, and Birthday Art Parties round out our creative offering. We can even integrate a piece of fine art into any design project! See what we’re working on!

Everything Else

Anything you can imagine stamped with your brand, we can create. We can put your name on anything from a t-shirt to a mug to a pack of matches. Promotional products are a great giveaway at trade shows, a fun leave-behind for a meeting, and are an affordable way to stay on the minds of your clients.

Where are you located?

Hudson, Ohio. We’ve lived here for over a decade. We’re raising our family here, We love this town and all its charms. It makes it easy to connect with people and support local businesses. When we have a meeting, we like to pick a local restaurant to help infuse money back into our city so everyone can flourish. We utilize local vendors for our needs. We shop small to support our local businesses.